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Back to Mars

Last week I had a chance to travel (for my third time) to Joshua Tree National Park in the Yucca Valley of South-Eastern California, about 1 hour east of Palm Springs (you know, near where Coachella happens?).

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Today in Weekends HQ

  Today in Weekends HQ: 01.26.18 As much as we wish everyday at Weekends & Company was spent coming up with designs, fulfilling orders, or exploring new photo locations there are always the little not so fun sides of operating a business. We are currently looking optimistically into 2018 working on tightening up our business plan and defining exactly where we want to take the brand in the future. Also, we restocked some hoodies which always feels damn good.  What's playing in HQ: Kanye West - College Dropout School Spirit Skit 1 Now beat thatAnd your mothers saying "go to college"So you finish college and its wonderfulYou feel so goodAnd after all the partying and crazingAnd don't forget about that drug...

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