The Legend of Snakey Graves (Alejandris Rosegarcium)

Our new friend at Weekends & Company this week is a handsome little fella named Snakey Graves.
We stumbled upon Snakey during our photo shoot this past weekend.  We thought we should invite him over for some convo and introduce ourselves with the hopes of catching a couple candids of this magical specimen. 
"Nice to meet you Sssssstu and Jessssssssse," he hissed.
"The pleasure is all ours Ssssssnakey," Jesse whispered. 
Snakey blushed. 

It quickly became apparent that Snakey was not simply another reptile slithering his way through life. His sleek sense of style, surprisingly calm approach, and strong love for folk music was evident in every move he made.  Legend states he roamed the greater Eastern shore of Ontario for nearly several hundred years before finally establishing his roots in Parry Sound, ON. Snakey informed us that the town of Parry Sound is actually located on the eastern side of the sound (or bay) that it is named after.
We said "no sssssshit!"
Snakey proceeded to ask if we knew how to measure a snake. We said we weren't exactly sure what he meant.
He replied "in inches, snakes don't have feet ya dummies."
We all laughed so hard we almost hissed our pants.
Snakey said he was actually in a bit of a rush because he was on his way to lunch with another Parry Sound legend - Bobby Orr. Apparently him and Bobby - or Robert as Snakey likes to call him - go way back. Snakey claims he was in Bobby's right skate when he scored that legendary goal back in March of '70.
Before saying our goodbyes we asked Snakey if he wanted us to make him a sssssandwich for his travels.  He said "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun" then slithered off into the abyss. May our paths cross once again Snakey.



If you want to hear how the actual Shakey Graves got his name and witness some raw musical talent, take a minute to check the videos below. 

"I saw a snake in an apple tree and no I didn't trust a word that he hissed to me" Shakey Graves - Word of Mouth

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