Our Story

Weekends & Co. began in 2013 as a creative outlet for the three of us to escape our regular jobs and create something from nothing. Our core mindset is "The weekend is not a place in time, it is a state of mind." This means spending your valuable time doing the things you love most. Whether that's with the people you care about or completely on your own.  

Our passions lie in art, fashion, and board culture. We believe in quality over quantity. We are proudly raised in Canada near the shores of Lake Huron and currently reside in beautiful Guelph, Ontario.  

Our psyche is that one timeless piece of clothing is far superior to a few that quickly lose their allure.  Our goal will always be to create pieces with a clean aesthetic, a little edge, and a product that is built to endure. 

The means to create will consistently be the driving force behind Weekends & Company.  We design, deliberate, and test our products to put a high quality, versatile product in your hands. We would never make something we wouldn't personally use ourselves. 


- W & Co

Torben, Stu, & Lou