Saturday Night Candle

Leather, Tobacco, & Musk

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Sunday Morning Candle

Jasmine, Citrus, & Sandalwood

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Origins Capsule Collection

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Not a Place in Time.

Time is the new currency. Don't waste it. Spend time doing things you love and take a moment to think about what inspires you. We aim to inspire people to pursue their passion and create their own version of happiness. It's important that our clothing does the same.

We create items for your lifestyle and however you spend your "weekend". Whether you're relaxing at the cottage, on a nature adventure or quietly diving into your own mind, we hope our items continually make you feel right at home.  

A State of Mind.

The weekend is more than a couple days that provide break from routine. It is a symbol of freedom and a state of mind. 

The State of Mind encourages openness and a mind that is filled with creativity, love, and acceptance of failure. A mind that knows overcoming challenges is how we learn and grow. 

Explore your surroundings. Challenge yourself creatively. Continuously surround yourself with what you love. Keep doing this and you may find...

The weekend is more than a place in time, it's a State of Mind.™