Origins Coffee

Origins Coffee

We worked closely with our good friends at Shop Bike Coffee Roasters to produce our first ever coffee. We both come from the same rural area, and as we've grown we have come to embrace our Origins. After all, our origins are what define us.

This specific blend is more versatile than your grandma's old rocking chair. It tastes great hot, lukewarm, chilled, or freezing cold. It's possibly the best coffee we've ever tasted. Enjoy a cup and transport to your happy place, wherever that may be.

  • Peruvian Roast
  • Tasting notes: toasted nuts (don't let that fool you, it's still "nut free"), brown sugar, and cocoa nibs (for your sweet tooth) 
  • Whole Bean, so get a grinder 
  • 1lb/bag - made from 40% Kraft Paper (25% post-consumer) and lined with a Compostable EarthFirst® Film 
  • Roasted in Bayfield, Ontario, Canada by Shop Bike Coffee Roasters
  • Manufactured in Canada